Pampang Cultural Village

Visit Pampang village for regular dance performance every sunday

Pampang is one of the resettle village of Kenyah Dayak tribe, its located in Sungai Siring, District of North Samarinda. Pampang village is about 25 km from the center of Samarinda, can be reached by public transportation.

The village formed by the displacement of Dayak Kenyah from Long Liis, Apokayan – Bulungan through Muara Wahau, Long Segar, Tabang, Long Iram Kutai District in 1967. The exodus in the group about 35 families, moved from north to south until in 1973. They are the pioneer who live in Pampang village.

It’s also an alternative for tourist who has limited time and willing to see the cultural life of Dayak Kenyah tribal particular. There is a traditional house called Lamin or Longhouse as a community center, with Dayak Kenyah’s sculpture.

There are dance performances every Sunday at 14.00 to 16.00 pm such as: Kancet Poenans Letto, Kancet Welds (gong), Hudoq, Manyam Rope, Kancet Nyelama Sakai, Pemung Tawai, Hornbills dance, Leleng dance, Pangpanga. There are performances Indigenous Pelas every June, as an expression of gratitude for the gift of a harvest of agricultural produce of local communities.

There are also booths selling souvenirs, food stalls, grocery stores and some galleries are owned by local people.

Joint with us to visit the Pampang Village