Explore the jungle and find the wild orangutan and other amazing animal in Kutai National Park

All the orangutan here are wild. No feeding time as this place is non touristy object. No luxury, you will stay in a simple ranger camp with basic facility.

Kutai National Park represents a number of principal vegetation types, including coastal/mangrove forest, freshwater swamp forest, kerangas forest, lowland flooding forest, ulin/meranti/kapur forest, and mixed Dipterocarpaceae forest. Kutai national park is also part of the largest relatively pristine ulin forest in Indonesia.

We combine Kutai National Park packages with Mahakam River Cruise and Samboja Lodge Orangutan project.

Various of interest :

Kutai National Park :
Orangutan, Proboscis Monkeys, Barking and Sambar Deer, Mouse-deer, Banteng, Clouded Leopard, gibbons and leaf monkeys. More than 236 bird species have been recorded for the park like Rufous-bellied Eagle, Wallace’s Hawk-eagle, Crested Partridge, Crested Fireback, Great Argus, Large Green Pigeon, Large Frogmouth, seven species of Horbill (notably Wrinkled), blue-headed Pitta, Garnet Pitta, Bornean Wren-babbler, Bornean Bristlehead, Dusky Munia.

Samboja Lodge :
Trekking to observe the Orangutans, and others wildlife habitats, sun bear around the lodge, re-forestation and protection rain forests, The Black River to observing proboscis monkeys, birds, wildlife’s. etc. Feeding time of the Orangutan, wildlife at the Wain River rain forest .

Mahakam River :
Mahakam River and it’s creeks. Fisherman village and lakes. The life of Banjar tribe, Kutai tribe, Buginese tribe and Dayak tribe (Kenyah, Benuaq, Tunjung, Bahau) along the river bank. Floating houses and traditional markets. Traditional Longhouse (Lamin), Art and Ceremony of Dayak Tribe. Birds, Proboscis Monkey, Fresh Water Dolphin (Pesut) and Natural Orchids.

Kutai National Park video


Grade                      : Easy
Transport             : Land transport, motorized canoe and walking
Accommodation : Land transport, motorized canoe and walking
Meals                   : Full board meals during on the trip.
Schedule             : Available on requests