Mancong Village

The Mancong dayak village has one attraction to welcome every visitors in front of the grand traditional longhouse.

Mancong is small village of Benuaq dayak around Jempang lake. Mancong is a truly beautiful Dayak Village belonging to the Benuaq ethnic minority group located in the West Kutai of East Kalimantan in Indonesian Borneo. These beautiful people live an extremely simple life where much depends on the river water that surrounds their stilt village. They have not much regarding modern technology and material but their lifestyle is simple and pure and rich in natural surroundings with a strong sense of community.

It has a traditional dayak longhouse called Lamin house, the dayak people are very friendly and welcome to any visitors from all of the world who want to see their beautiful longhouse.

Mancong also has one attraction to welcome the visitors. They usually give a traditional Benuaq dayak welcome dance, and the visitors more than welcome to join dance with them. In other occasion if we are lucky we could watch a belian, or witch doctor. He is wearing dress, some of the material made from leaves. Cure his patients at night by performing the rites prescribed by ancestors, to the frenzied accompaniment of gongs and drums. Many Benuaq dayaks still prefer the old cures than the modern medical treatment.

In Mancong village, its common we see the lady weaving ulap doyo, the traditional cloth. The visitor could see many kinds of statue which placed around the longhouse. According to local dayak people the statue has a different history and background, its a tribute to honour dayak man from their community. 

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Kalimantan Tour Guide Team.