Balikpapan Botanical Garden

One of the place that you need to visit while you are in Balikpapan, its Balikpapan Botanical Garden. Full of native plants of Kalimantan island. 

Balikpapan Botanical Garden is one of the attractions in the city of Balikpapan. The Balikpapan City Government collaborates with the Bogor Botanical Gardens Conservation Center and the Ministry of Forestry Dipterocarpaceae Research Center for the development of the Balikpapan Botanic Garden. The existence of the Balikpapan Botanic Garden is located in the Sungai Wain Protection Forest. The design was carried out on December 1, 2005 by LIPI and the Bogor Botanical Gardens Conservation Center. The establishment of the Balikpapan Botanic Garden on February 26, 2008.

The location of the Balikpapan Botanic Garden is not far from the city of Balikpapan which is about ± 20km precisely in Karang Joang Village KM.15, North Balikpapan District and has an area of ± 309.8 Ha.

This botanical garden has 2 guest house facilities (pensions), adequate parking, prayer rooms, directions, parks, planting collections, recipient buildings, education buildings and seminars. This botanical garden also has activities, outbound, conservation, education and training.

There are trumpet flowers, vines (yellow roots), fruits (abiu, soursop, roasted durian, lai, sugar palm, etc.), flowers (trumpet flowers, pagoda flowers, treads, hibiscus, hibiscus), medicines ( barito tabat, earth peg, jatropha, sorombolum, etc.), trees (pulai, kenanga capsules, ebony, kapul, bernia, areca nut, ironwood). This botanical garden has typical tropical forest protected plants (bangkirai, ironwood, meranti, yellowish, banggeris) and fruit trees (forest durian, forest mangosteen, langsat, onion wood with diameters up to 80-90 cm).




Jl. Siaga No. 28 / 26, Balikpapan 76114 
East Kalimantan, Indonesia 
Mobile: +62 82151972860

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